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Are you a baby boomer looking for financial advice? You may feel like there are too many options to choose from.  Investment consultants at your bank, insurance agents, "wealth managers" and online financial advisory services all have ideas about how you should invest your money. Yet you have a nagging feeling that there should be more. You want someone to look at your total financial picture - spending plans, income taxes, insurance needs and estate planning alternatives. Investments are only one part of the puzzle.  They should be managed in harmony with your values and goals and adjusted to meet your changing circumstances.

Whelan Financial Planning is a small, independent, fee-only financial advisory firm that helps baby boomers simplify their financial lives, make financial decisions with confidence and adapt their plans as they journey through retirement. Maureen Whelan, CFP® does this by providing personalized and comprehensive financial advice, investment management, tax preparation and planning.

Turn away from the noise and find peace of mind.  Call 1-800-775-8564 or email Maureen to find out more.

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