Relationship Services

With Relationship Services, Maureen Whelan is there to guide you through the important time period leading up to your retirement and beyond. This service offers you the freedom to spend time on activities that are enjoyable or important to you. 

Relationship Services start with a Retirement Review.  The Retirement Review gets you organized and helps you explore your goals for retirement.  All decisions and recommendations are designed with your goals in mind.  This service is followed by

  1. Creation and implementation of a low cost, tax efficient investment portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and objectives.
  2. Investment monitoring with quarterly updates on the value of your accounts, along with an analysis of how your money is allocated between stocks and bonds.
  3. Recommendations for changes when your asset allocation varies from our mutually agreed upon targets.  Changes are designed to minimize income tax consequences and your expenses.  We review all proposed changes with you in advance.
  4. Regular updates to the assumptions used in your Retirement Review.
  5. Designing and monitoring a retirement income plan.
  6. Communication regarding tax law changes and their impact on you.
  7. Complimentary or discounted Federal and State Income Tax preparation.
  8. Ongoing access to Maureen's expertise, insight and care when you have questions or need to make important financial decisions.

When you pick up the phone with a question, or need help, Maureen is there to answer it.  No passwords, security questions, or waiting on hold for the next available representative.

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