The Whelan Difference

What makes Whelan Financial Planning different from other financial advisers?

For close to 10 years, Maureen Whelan, CFP® has been providing independent, fee only financial advice to a wide variety of clients.  During this time she has

Observed the relief of clients who finally get the separate pieces of their lives pulled together into an integrated whole.Guided clients through those pivotal pre-retirement years as they prepared for this new phase of their lives.Offered advice and direction on a variety of financial issues, not just investments.Acknowledged the pain, fear or confusion of widows, helping them make informed decisions or separate the "must do" from the "it can wait".Shared the joy of the long awaited marriage of a child.Expressed giddy excitement when a client was able to do a Roth conversion while they were in the 15% tax bracket.Personally experienced the family struggle of caring for aging parents.

For Maureen, it's personal.  It's about integrity, honesty, listening and wherever possible, practical and simple solutions to your financial questions, concerns and goals.

If you value a relationship with a financial adviser who is earnestly interested in the intersection of your money and your life, call Maureen at 1-800-775-8564 or use the Contact Us boxes at the right side of the screen.

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